Yicoe (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with independent intellectual property rights of the start-up companies, focusing on Intelligent Vehicle networking solutions and terminal data management services. Company referred to as Yicoe. Elane billion passenger intelligent vehicle solutions have been widely used in various fields, and Everfount to auto makers, 4S group, automobile services, enterprises, operators, insurance and finance, Internet and other areas to provide customized solutions.
Easy to join the team
Yicoe led by the industry's top talent. Mainly from HUAWEI, Foxconn, IBM, Tencent, Alibaba and other domestic and foreign listed company's senior staff composition. From the beginning of the establishment of the company adhere to the full ownership plan, and every Yicoe to share the fruits of entrepreneurial growth, and employees to share the future".
Easy contact with the origin of the name and logo
Easy to connect million passengers: easy to connect hundreds of millions of users, easy to contact you and me, happy million passengers. Elane billion passenger, for the purpose of sincere friends, the quartet. Through their own sense of responsibility, with like-minded people to seek common development, joint venture.
The Yicoe logo, LOGO company name to the first letter of the source of thinking, pattern also implies the company, partners, employees like the ox diligence, loyalty, honesty, hard work and to receive. Also for the company, customers, partners of the close joint, common development and common profit. At the same time as the triangle as stable, able to hold up a piece of space, also represents the company's toughness, upright, fearless, honest.